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The NJO is home to some of the finest musicians in the East Midlands and beyond. The longest running 17-piece Big Band in Nottingham.

If you would like to find out about joining NJO, please email NJO and tell us about yourself.

Call NJO : 07881 610305

NJO Motivator : Derek Lawton
trumpet team
Paul Bennett  | Hugh Pascall |James Stretton  |Derek Lawton |

sax team
Alan Walker | Samantha Coleman | Paul Hollis Ben Walker Ryan Latham |

trombone team
Kevin Holgate | Graham Woodhouse | Katherine Spencer Richard Bond |

rhythm team
Brian Humpherson | piano |
George Hunter-Brown 
| guitar |
Dave Meadowcroft | bass |
Sam Lenord  drums |
sound & light management
Tony French

ticketing / stage m
Kammie Chantry / John Pitcher

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